My name is Alli Bitar. I grew up in Adelaide, South Australia (with a little time spent in Texas). I studied Anthropology at Adelaide University, before moving to Alice Springs to work as an Anthropologist. Here I met a wonderful man, Nick, and we moved to Melbourne to try our luck in the big city. After a few years we moved back to Alice Springs, got married, saved our pennies, and then spent a few months travelling the world before doing the ski season in Canada. We fell pregnant in the spring and now we’re back in Alice Springs making this lovely town our home with our daughter, Lulu. 

Girl in the Pjs a personal blog about our everyday lives. I write about life in central Australia, tv, cute kids, exercise, home renovations and the occasions that call for frockin' up. Thanks for taking the time to visit and say hello!


Why is your blog called ‘Girl in the Pjs’?
I love wearing pjs and quite frankly they are my preferred clothing option. I will always be the girl in the pjs.

What camera do you use?
I have a Fuji X100, but I mainly use my iPhone. Occasionally I use my mini Diana, oh how I love her, but neglect her badly.

Are you really an Anthropologist and an Urban Planner?
Yes. I have a Graduate Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning and worked as a Planner for 6 months before we went overseas. I currently work as an Anthropologist Project Officer. 

Who looks after Lulu while you’re at work?
Lulu goes to a wonderful daycare centre, where she does numerous activities and gets to play with 'her kids'.

Mojitos or Sangria?

To get to know us a little better, I have put together a list of my favourite posts, I hope you like them & thanks for reading xx

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