Fieldtrip January 7-9 2010

Friday, January 15, 2010

Wow how the weeks have flown by so far this year! Last week I did a fieldtrip, helping one of our consulting Anthropologists, who needed a second driver. As fieldtrips go, this one was fairly cushy, a road clearance (bitumen) and two nights at Erldunda ‘resort’. I was able to work with some amazing people. With big groups I feel it’s always good to have two Anthropologists as people will chat and mention all sorts of things while driving or while hanging on the side of the road waiting for the other Anthropologist to GPS trees etc. Often people would mention things to me that they didn’t mention to the consultant and vice versa. It’s great to be able to get a glimpse the world through others eyes (a point hammered home in Avatar – go see it, so beautiful) and help get over my fear of 4-wheel driving.

The Highway

Storm coming in
Fancy towels in the ‘resort’

Caged big perentie and echidna – Australia has an obsession with ‘Big Things’, not sure why these have to be caged. Tighter security than Guantanamo.

NT smoking policy

Great chairs

wildlife warning

No warning about this fella who was keen to sneak into a room

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  1. I love this post and the photography. It really captures the subtle quirkiness of Central Australia that so many people seem to overlook when they're rushing off to stare at monoliths like Uluru. :)


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