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Saturday, October 24, 2009

As I entered last weeks' my place and yours fairly late, it's already time for this weeks. I don't really have room for a bedside table as there wouldn't be room for the nearby cupboard to open. So my stuff sits neatly (sometimes) on the ground.

I have my one bedroom studio essentials - my sleepy mask and my ear plugs. I tend to go to bed earlier than Nick and this wouldn't be possible without these. Plus our lovely neighbour is often out late at night and leaves his porch light on, flooding our room with light.

I have my magazine pile, plus a few books I am reading. I never read one book at a time, so by my bed I have:
- Beauty in Bloom by Natalie Bloom
- The Lovely Bones by Alice Shebold
- Such a Pretty Fat by Jennifer Lancaster

My ugg boots are still out because we are still getting some cold nights every now and then. I love my cosy ugg boots and try to drag out the ugg boots wearing time for as long as I can. Forcasts of over thirty for the next week will probably spell the end of this.


  1. Oh ear plugs! I must get some of these. I always have more than one book on the go too!

  2. looks like you've got everything you need [close & handy] for a good night's sleep

  3. Aw the Ugg Boots! Cool! I have not read Natalie Bloom's book, but she is a customer of Mike's and she is SUPER lovely. Awesomely rad stack of mags you have there too! Thanks for playing along this week! Yay! x

  4. Looks like you have got some reading to do!

  5. Oh I sleep with ear plugs too. I wish I didn't but my husbans snores when he's been tractor driving. I loved the Lovely Bones. Hope you do too.

  6. Oh I just love 'tablecomemagazinestack' combo. I often have a stack of magazines, either by my bed or in the living room and they always end up with things on top!
    The Lovely Bones is such a great book, can't wait for the film!

  7. Oooh, I just want to flick through that magazine stack! I was surprised by the Ugg boots in Alice springs, but then realised you must be in the "City" at the moment! My uggies are still getting a bit of a workout too! Bring on summer!!

  8. We are living in Alice Springs at the moment, however our definition of a 'cold night' is remarkably different from most other cities :)

  9. I love my uggies too. I keep pulling them out, putting them away, the weather can't make up it's mind!

  10. Hi ! yeah i wonder what a cold night means in Alice Springs :) Olivier (my Nick) was there once as a child but me never. For us in Berlin the temperatures usually go to -10 degrees with a lot of snow (we love it !) and the night comes at 4pm. I guess if you don't need your ugg's anymore... :P


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