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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

 photo cookies_zpsglaqingg.jpg
Homemade cookies using a version of this recipe
 photo blanket_zps63so4afk.jpg
Lulu's Grandma made her this blanket & I think it looks quite at home on my couch!
 photo claudias-birthday_zpsjhq2v6dx.jpg
A friend's birthday - How awesome is this cake?!
 photo coffee_zps4kycrkqy.jpg
Coffee while we wait for the Bangtail Muster to start
 photo bangtail_zpsai2hwvtt.jpg
A  float in the Bangtail Muster

Link Love

Saturday, May 2, 2015

 photo flowers_zpsso2wq2sb.jpg
This week has been hard. We've all been sick, Lulu & I have both had conjunctivitis as well as fighting other viruses. I was fortunate enough to be able to take Monday off and spend it with Lulu getting better. In the morning we watched Mary Poppins and in the afternoon we both had a two hour afternoon nap. Lulu has given up her afternoon nap but Monday it just was not negotiable, she was able to nap in my bed, with me and we both got 2 hours, yay! She then didn't really drop off to sleep that night until about 9 but that is a different story.

Catching my eye on the internet this week...

The secret to female friendship over on A Cup of Jo

New research shows that the friend who bitch together stay together via The Cut

A new series staring Sarah Jessica Parker, called Divorce, has been picked up by HBO

I am a little bummed to be missing Wide Open Space festival on as we speak. Yes camping with conjunctivitis and a toddler did not sound appealing. You can read about the last time we went to Wide Open Space here.

Happy Long Weekend! May we all get over what ails us. 

Alice Springs & running

Thursday, April 30, 2015

 photo Sunset_zps39iixaqi.jpg
I took this shot on a run a few weeks ago - no editing on my iPhone. Alice Springs really is so beautiful. Anyway, my running was coming along as the weather cooled, but it took a dive post early April adventures and now I'm almost ready to get back into the swing of things. You never regret it when you do it, it's just pushing yourself to get out there that takes the energy!

Backyard Paving Inspiration

Thursday, April 23, 2015

 photo Paving-Inspiration_zpsrvpeixrg.jpg
We took up a number of large paving slabs to put in our new outdoor 'deck'. They are sitting in two piles now, which are both pretty much overgrown with weeds, however we would like to re-use them at some point.

The current walk to our pool is across a dirt patch and I think the gravel/grass/pavers combinations in these photos would be about perfect. Low water and low maintenance, curtesy of some weed matting of course. Now all we need is a free weekend to do the work!

Photo sources and more inspiration here

4 Steps for Wardrobe Organisation

Thursday, April 16, 2015

 photo 4-Steps-for-Wardrobe-Organisation_zpswcfketyt.jpg

For the past few months I have been scouring the web for inspiration for our new wardrobe and I have to say, it isn't a popular web topic. Nor do many of the photos I did find actually inspire me toward anything. I think wardrobes are one of those things where you know what you don't want, but find it hard to express what you DO want. Many posts respond to individual problems rather than general issues, so it's hard to translate the tips. Design Love Fest recently had a post on a Closet Makeover and the post was extremely helpful but again, many specific closet solutions rather than general.

Here are a few general tips I have picked up for wardrobe organisation:

1. Empty out your wardrobe
This insures that you are only putting back exactly what you actually wear and/or love. I have a few things that I love, but pretty much never wear and I have to admit they have made their way back into the wardrobe.

2. Have two garbage bags handy
Inside one goes things that are clean that someone would wear again - things for the op shop
Inside the other goes things that no-one would ever wear again - underwear you're chucking, that t-shirt that the smell won't get out of - things for the bin.

3. Draws 
Draws are so handy for hiding stuff. If your cupboard doesn't have draws, measure your space & then buy a cheap set to insert in there.

4. Shoe Storage
Getting shoe storage right can be so tricky. It really is the key that holds everything together. While I would love to say that mine look like the photo above, they really don't. I'm thinking a box for out-of season shoes and then the shoes I wear every day on a shelf like the ones above.

Here's to good wardrobe organisation!

The Nappy Collective Alice Springs

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

 photo The-Nappy-Collective-2015_zpskcnik4je.jpg

The Nappy Collective is collecting again this coming May in Alice Springs. Have a stash of outgrown nappies that your kid has grown out of? Well, donate them to the Nappy Collective who pass them onto mother's in need at the Alice Springs Women's Shelter. 

The incidences of domestic violence in the Northern Territory are high, with over 60% of assault offences being domestic violence related. Mothers fleeing family violence often struggle to provide for their young children, changing their babies less frequently or forgoing other basic essentials to afford nappies. By donating leftover nappies Alice Springs parents can do a small part in easing the burden for families affected.

The Nappy Collective will run from May 1-15. Nappies can be donated to the Collective at Exotiq Homewares and Juju Beane. The Nappy Collective will also run in various cities around Australia during the same period. For more information www.thenappycollective.com 


Thursday, April 9, 2015

 photo Pink-1_zpsnw8cwb0o.jpg
Some days you just want to look at pretty pink things

Easter Weekend

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

 photo easter_zpsaarcpcal.jpg photo bilbies_zpsqcx7moyk.jpg
A few photos from our easter weekend. Eggs from mum, a shot of the regatta that was in West Lakes during my whirlwind trip to Adelaide for a friends wedding, me dressed up for said wedding, easter Sunday pork roast cooked by my mother-in-law & the bunnies and bilbies fundraiser for ALEC. Hope you had a wonderful weekend x

Link Love - Easter Weekend

Friday, April 3, 2015

 photo easter-eggs-2_zps2rtshtza.jpg
Have you got plans for Easter? Camping, catching friends, are you at BluesFest? Mega jealous if you are. The last few weeks have been so busy and I know, everyone complains that they are busy, but seriously I've hardly had time to grab lunch these last few weeks. I am so glad that I've been able to make it to the gym or running at least 4 times a week, giving me a little me time that my lunch break used to offer. I am so looking forward to this break, as things are going to be just as busy after the break.

My lovely boss gave me an early mark this afternoon and I attended Lulu's Easter Hat Parade at her Daycare. The kids were so cute! Check out my instagram for a pic of Lulu. As for our Easter? We've planned a few catch ups with friends, a few family dinners and some time to relax. Oh and Nick's doing the 90km enduro race. Happy Easter!

This week's link love is gigantic to match the long, long weekend we all have:

The third piece rule - a little hard to enact in a hot Alice Springs summer - on Who What Wear

How do you sign your emails? When at Treasury Sheryl Sandberg signed hers 'Smiles, Sheryl' - I love this - More on The Hill

This study found that working mothers today spend almost double the time with their kids than mothers did in 1975! Let's stop the guilt, pat ourselves on the back and pour ourselves a gin & tonic. We're all doing ok.

Easter in the Alice Mountain Bike Competition is on this weekend - many opportunities to watch if your fitness is quite up to long distance mountain biking. Check out all the events here.

Adorable Easter Egg place cards over on Lark & Linen.

Yummy Easter recipes over on HomeLife.

While the writing hasn't started yet, the new season of Sherlock is shaping up to be quite interesting...

Flares are everywhere! Here, Here & Here.

Easter 2014

Happy Easter!!

ALEC Bilbies and Bunnies Soiree

Monday, March 30, 2015

 photo BilbiesampBunniesSoiree_BANNER_zps6axtmtqy.jpg
The Arid Lands Environment Centre lost all of it's operational funding this year and is now fully reliant upon community support. ALEC has been part of Alice Springs for 35 years, one of the only independent environmental protection bodies in the NT. ALEC monitors proposals, government policy and inappropriate development applications as well as running a range of community programs such as the community garden and the anti-fracking campaign. It is so important that this independent voice continues to be heard.

What can you do to help?
Become a Desert Defender & contribute on a weekly or monthly basis.
Come along to the Bilbies and Bunnies Soiree fundraiser this Thursday night at Epilogue. This is a family friendly event, so bring your kids, get dressed up and start the Easter weekend in style!

Your support does make a difference. See you there x
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