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Friday, August 1, 2014

 photo Things-I-love-mixed-bag_zpsafd24623.jpg
This month's Things I Love includes a few things Lulu is loving this month too and, for the first time, is a collection of things that we actually own, rather than a wish list. These are the things we have loved in July:

1. Bondi Wash Bench Spray - I was given a small bottle of this in one of the swag bags from Splash Creative and I just love it. I was given the Tasmanian Pepper & Lavender scented one and it is my favourite. Not that I have tried any of the others, I just know that it is my favourite. I use it to clean Lulu's potty & the scent calms you as you clean.

2. Fisher Price Little People Playground - We hired an old one of these from the toy library & it was the first toy that Lulu would play with each day. It was the only toy she wanted to pack to go to Grandma's and she most certainly did not want it to be returned to the toy library. I succumbed to her cries and purchased the one pictured for her. She loves it.

3. The Upside Python Prana Pant - So comfy and stretchy without the fabric going see through. You know what I mean ladies. Ever tried on leggings where the print goes see through as you pull then up over your thighs? Well these leggings do not do that. And the print is wicked. I purchased them on sale (the full price is outrageous) and you can too as they are still on sale! Yay!

4. Bubby Makes Three Harem Pants - Ok, so it may be me that loves these more than Lulu, but she's never not wanted to wear them, so they must be good. They are handmade in Brisbane and unlike other handmade things I've bought, the fabric doesn't fade in the wash, nor has the fabric thinned from multiple washes/wear. 

The Renovations Begin

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

 photo garage-2_zps2221a3e2.jpg
So this happened last week!! Our renovations are finally underway! We don't have building approval as yet but with so much demolition to take place, our builder has started on that first, beginning with the removal of the brick carport. We are going to replace this with a lighter structure to let more light into our place & modernise the front of the property a little.
 photo garage-3_zps00578df1.jpg
As usual with a renovation, there is always something you hadn't planned on. When we purchased the property the power connection as hanging to low, over the driveway, so it had to be moved to the spot above. Luckily it was a cost for the person from whom we purchased the property. But guess what needs to be moved again now that we are removing the brick carport? The power cable will need to be moved back onto the house.

We had the option of running the cable underground or leaving it over head. We have chosen to leave it overhead as most of the other homes on our street have it that way & it turns out that if you run it underground, the cable becomes your asset that you have to maintain. Leaving it overhead leaves it as the electricity company's asset that they have to maintain. The things you learn!
 photo garage-1_zps8f61f45e.jpg

Link Love

Saturday, July 26, 2014

 photo Hospital-paintings_zps2b0d456f.jpg
Paintings at the Alice Springs Hospital
I came across these brightly painted poles on our journey to drop off Lulu's poo sample ('my poo test') at Pathology yesterday. Pathology is located so far from the main entrance that you almost need to pack a cut lunch for your journey there. And if you do pack a lunch you will be pleasantly surprised by the lovely gardens hidden back there and these brightly coloured poles. What a wonderful way of cheering up what might be just another institutionalised area!

And catching my eye on the inter webs this week:

I've lived in the Territory for over a decade and I have never been to Rainbow Valley. This guide by Travel Outback Australia is fantastic & I most certainly have to get there one weekend soon!

A discussion with a friend about the differences I'd noticed between myself and a male college lead to me purchasing Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandburg. It has started to change the way I interact at work. I also came across this article - The Confidence Gap by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman, which has similar themes. It's about having the confidence to back up your ability. Most women won't go apply for promotions until they are certain that they can do the job 100% but men will go for the promotion when their ability is at 60% but they are confident that they can do the job. The research Kay and Shipmen refer to in the article is eye opening and it has made me more mindful of how I interact at work.

Something else that has also inspired me to go after my goals is this Keynote Address by Joy Cho at Blogtacular. In the address Cho talks about how EVERY collaboration (she most recently had a collection released at Target in the States) she has done she has gone after herself. She has approached the company, they haven't approached her. It is so easy to look at high profile, successful people & think that everything must have been handed to them & you know what, most of the times it isn't the case, it's hard work & going after what you want that leads to success. 

Frockin' Up: Date Night

Friday, July 25, 2014

 photo date-night_zps0492fdb8.jpg

Nick & I had our first date night since he's come back from Canada & guess were we went? To a kitchen expo, well, more like the local kitchen shop drove a giant bus up to Alice Springs with all the latest kitchen cabinetry inside. Talk about being grown ups now! We did tack on an early dinner at Epilogue & met some lovely Spanish tourists who said the patatas bravas at Epilogue tasted exactly like the ones in Spain!

Here's what I wore. I actually wore it all day at work, stopped home briefly for a spray deodorant refresher and some lipstick and snapped these photos before heading off to pick up Nick from work. Nick's mum kindly babysat our Lulu.

Dress - Gorman
Jacket - Bardot
Bracelet - Dinosaur Designs
Ring - Black Jewl

Do you & your partner go on date nights often? Do you combine them with super practical things like Kitchen expos? With planning this renovation, every moment helps, but let's hope the next date night is just that, a date night!

 photo date-night-1_zps567567b7.jpg

Movies to Watch Out For

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

 photo Coming-Soon_zps6bf0cc44.jpg
A few movie trailers have caught my eye recently and I thought I should share them with you.

I would see anything with Tina Fey in it and when you though in Jason Batemen, it just gets better. This is Where I Leave You is about a family forced back together post funeral, which sounds a little depressing about of course is thoughtful and comedic at times. It is based on a novel of the same name. I'd like to think I would have time to read the novel before the movie comes out but I'm not even going to pretend that will happen.

For some reason Keira Knightly annoys me (this article in the Guardian did not change my opinion one little bi), but I watched this trailer anyway and I think that I may actually like her in this move. Begin Again is about a washed up record label executive meets a down on her luck British gal, recently dumped by her rock star boyfriend. It turns out she can sing & the movie unfolds from there. I really like the music in this movie & from what I have researched it seems as though Knightly has performed the songs herself. Please correct me if I am wrong!
They Came Together stars Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd is a romantic comedy parody and looks so funny.
Have you seen any trailers of movies that you just have to see? Please leave a comment below x

Parks, hotels and pork belly

Monday, July 21, 2014

 photo park_zps20ac0a05.jpg
Saturday park time
 photo sunset_zps6f601f07.jpg
Saturday sunset
 photo hotel_zps0449acb3.jpg
The Saturday Paper in bed on Sunday
 photo pork_zps832bb13e.jpg
Sunday slow-roasted pork belly on Monday
For my birthday, way back in January, Nick bought me a voucher for a getaway night at a local hotel. A night for me to spend some time by myself and I finally put it to use on Saturday night, the eve of the voucher's 6 month expiry. Yes, I should have done this much sooner. It was wonderful sitting by myself watching tv in my pjs all afternoon long. I was in bed, ASLEEP, by 9:30pm & I didn't have to wake up in the night. Not once. In the morning I drank endless cups of tea while reading the paper. It was bliss.

Back home Lulu was up in the night vomiting. Fine during the day, then the same Sunday night. Today she seems fine, just tired. We're keeping an eye on her & it might be a call to her doctor if it continues tonight.

I have Mondays off work to spend time with Lulu and today while we are at home playing, I'm slow roasting pork belly from this recipe in our incredibly slow oven. It is supposed to be in for 8 hours but I didn't get it on until 1:00pm and we need to eat by 8pm so..... wish me luck! Have you ever cooked pork belly? If you have any tips, I'd love to hear them.

Hope you had a marvellous weekend!

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

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This week has been a whirl wind. Trying to organise things for our renovation, a date night, a wonderful dinner party with great conversation which has inspired me to pursue a few things that I have put on the back burner for a while now and I finished a few things at work that had been hanging on my 'to do' list for far to long. How has your week been?

Catching my eye on the internets this week:

Juniors Design Blog show cases all that is great about Aussie and NZ design for kids, with a few things for the grown ups thrown in too.

Planning a wedding? Well you can now hire a professional bridesmaid, which would cancel out this horrible experience

This is a fabulous idea that I think we should become a part of in the Northern Territory - The Nappy Collective

I completely agree with everything in this article 

Frockin' up - Pjs

Friday, July 18, 2014

 photo pjs_zps65c4555e.jpg
Remember when I said we spent a weekend hanging out at home? Well both days I didn't end up getting out of pjs until after 3 and the only reason I did get out was because on Saturday I need to go to the supermarket and Sunday we were invited to Nick's mum's for dinner. If we hadn't had to go out, you can rest assured that I would have been in pjs all day! Have you ever had one of those weekends? These days they are fairly rare & since I didn't have an outfit for a frock up post, I thought I should show you my pjs...

Singlet - Myer
Long Sleeve T-shirt - One Teaspoon
Pants - Somn by Elk
Kimono Jacket - Some Days Lovin
Uggs - Jay Jays - remember when I said I needed new uggs as I've had these since April 2004? Well I haven't replaced them yet. Lulu found the hole that leads to my big toe & was tickling it so maybe it's time?!

Hello Ladies

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

 photo Hello_Ladies_TV_series_zps3f36ae63.jpg
Hello Ladies is a tv show based on the stand-up comedy of Steven Merchant, of The Office (English version) fame. It revolves around an Englishman looking for love in LA. Its funny, in a cringe way, similar to the English Office in that you often feel like you shouldn't be laughing, yet here you are.

In Hello Ladies we once again have a fairly unlikeable character, someone who you wonder why his friends hang around. The character is Stuart Pritchard. He's self centred, lies, is stingy ('gas money please'), yet he has two loyal friends  Wade & Jessica. Wade is recently separated from his wife of 11 years and Jessica rents a granny flat at Stuart's house.

As you continue through the first episode you find that Stuart does have a few redeemable traits that actually leave you feeling a little sorry for him and you have to love a tv show that ends with the song 'when the night closes in'. Unfortunately HBO has cancelled Hello Ladies, but the first series is worth catching and there is talk of a series wrap up special.

Taps, rain & photos

Monday, July 14, 2014

 photo wet_zps4dfb5221.jpg
A rare wet Sunday, perfect for jumping in puddles
 photo wedding-polaroids_zpsaff978b4.jpg
I finally put our wedding polaroids into an album 
 photo taps_zps7450eab6.jpg
Back for less than 24 hours and Nick has fixed the dripping tap with new tap wear
 photo lounge_zps6b0cb974.jpg
A photo by Lulu
A weekend spent at home, hanging out and catching up. Hope you had a wonderful weekend too x
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