A DIY dinosaur party

Thursday, March 5, 2015

 photo Party-Dinosaurs_zpsqumk0zos.jpg
Lulu turned three at the end of February and when we asked her what kind of party she wanted she said a dinosaur party. Many other times before this she had said a Frozen party but this time she said a dinosaur party so we latched onto that idea and didn't ask again. The party date was set for the Sunday afternoon after we returned from holidays and it may have been a little ambitious to throw a party the day after returning from holidays. I would not recommend it. We had a list of decorations and food to make and it was all a little overwhelming until my mother-in-law offered to make the cake. Thank you! On the day a close friend came over and helped us ice cookies and cupcakes and make fair bread - a lifesaver!

Dinosaur Party Decorations
For the party decorations we had the following:

Party hats for dinosaurs - I bought a mega pack of dinosaurs from Kmart and the night before Nick and I made party hats for the dinosaurs.

Bunting - No time for home made bunting this year. Kmart had cheap bunting in great colours so I purchased the bunting, table cloths, straws and paper plates from there.

Blow up dinosaurs - I spotted these on clearance at Kmart and snapped them up.

Party hats - from Woolworths

Balloons - I had bought some from Kmart but they couldn't stand the heat & popped. The ones from Woolies went the distance.

Party bags - I really don't like getting party bags full of lollies, so our party bags included a tiny tub of play-doh, a bag of prehistoric pizza shapes and a party blower. Kids have enough treats at the parties without filling party bags with lollies. Lulu helped put the party bags together.
 photo party-1_zps2ni4cojj.jpg photo party-3_zps5dehuivy.jpg photo party-girls_zpsxdc6uehc.jpg

Dinosaur Party Food
My mother-in-law had two reasonably sized dinosaur cookie cutters. We borrowed them and made:
Sugar cookies - using this recipe and this icing recipe.
Cupcakes - white wings packet cupcakes with Dollar Sweets Sprinkles Magic Jurassic Blitz
Fairy bread - the cookie cutters fit neatly on the diagonal, making two dinosaur shapes for each piece of fairy bread. Unfortunately I do not have a photo but you can get the idea here.

 photo Party-2_zpst467ktmx.jpg
And there you have it - a Dinosaur Party. To be honest I was so focused on getting everything ready for the party, it wasn't until near the end, the relaxing time, when I realised we'd need to do a clean up! If one parties, one must clean up. 

Full-time work

Monday, March 2, 2015

 photo Mountain-Bike-Rescue_zpsddbwksm9.jpg
Stuart Highway, North of Alice Springs
Last week I started back full time at work. It turns out that I haven't worked full time since 2010! How had it ended up being that long? Well, in 2010 we left for our grand Canadian adventure. While we were there I became pregnant. We returned in September 2011. I did a brief stint of full-time work in October and November of 2011 (does that even count?) before being engaged as an Anthropological Consultant two days a week. I then went on Maternity leave. I was offered an Anthropologist position at my current workplace when Lulu was three months old and so I went back two days a week and slowly built up my days from there. And here we are in 2015 back to full time.

Have you gone back to full-time work after a big break? How did you find it? I found that the week went really quickly. I may have combined starting full time work with hitting the gym hard for the first time this year and by the weekend I was a little sore and tired, but feeling great. And Lulu was a champ. Her daycare have started a pre-school program for the big kids making the days more stimulating. She's learning so much. She also has Wednesdays with her Grandma, giving her a nice mid week break.

And the photo above? An early morning rescue of a mountain biker stuck out of town!

Link Love

Saturday, February 28, 2015

 photo North-Stuart-Highway_zpsl4u1j3cq.jpg
Stuart Highway North of Alice Springs. 
We made it to the weekend again! I think we all deserve a pat on the back, especially us, first week back from holidays. What are you up to this weekend? The mother's group party circuit continues this weekend with a party Friday night and one tonight. Nick's participating in a 24hr mountain bike race. Tomorrow I have a Nappy Collective Team meeting. It's all go. No quiet February.

Catching my eye on the interwebs this week:

I love a post on skincare routines - here's one on Hey Natatie Jean

Review of the Oscars by Hadley Freeman

Rachel Zoe has a new maternity line

I stand with Gillian - The treatment of Gillian Triggs & the zero attention our government has paid to the finding of her report is appalling. History will not be kind to us and more importantly something need to be done now to get the children (and all refugees) out of detention centres.

Happy Weekend x

Weekend Adventures - Lorne & Marengo

Thursday, February 19, 2015

We love spending time at the beach house in Marengo, which is just outside of Apollo Bay in Victoria. As Lulu gets very car sick, we normally stay put and don't venture very far out of Apollo Bay. The roads are so windy she's guaranteed to get sick within 5 mins of us leaving the house. But this trip we had an excuse to brave the sickness, our friend's wedding in Lorne. Yes, Lulu was sick on the way down and the way back, but we did have an awesome time in Lorne. There is a huge playground and a trampoline park at the Lorne Sea Baths. For some reason jumping does not make Lulu sick, she would have stayed there all day if she could! Lorne has a few nice cafes and a few cute shops plus the best bookstore. It is worth a day trip if you are ever in Melbourne. Here are a few snaps from our time in Lorne and a few from Marengo.
 photo Lorne-Trampolenes_zpsy0pp5wsk.jpg
Trampolines at the Lorne Sea Baths
 photo Family_zps9whmbyav.jpg
Frocked up for our friend's wedding at the Lorne Beach Pavillion
 photo Lorne_zpsmd208exh.jpg
Beautiful Lorne Sunset
 photo Coffee_zpshfcfitcs.jpg
Holiday treats - good bread is hard to come back in Alice Springs
 photo Marengo-Beach_zps521vhkkd.jpg
Marengo Beach
 photo beach-wagon_zpsu5kes5vu.jpg
The Beach People Wagon is the best investment!

Gone Girl - a Valentine's story

Saturday, February 14, 2015

 photo gone-girl_zpsvbpisdzw.jpg
I never thought I'd have time to read this book & that I'd just see the move instead, but as 2015 has turned out to be the year in which I have made time to read & have finished a lot of novels (unlike last year in which i just kept starting new books and had a few on the go, but not finished), I thought I should read the book before I see the movie. The book is always a bit better than the movie just by having more of a chance to fill the reader with the back story, develop characters and add more complexity to the plot.

I managed to find a copy at the Coles Complex Newsagent (Alice peeps, they have expanded their range of books and have one or two copies of most recent/popular releases) and started reading on the plane to Melbourne. In the beginning the characters are a little annoying and I was starting to wonder why the book had become so popular. Then a flight attendant paused to let me know that the movie is so good and watching it made him want to read the book.

Then he said something that was tantamount to the Simpson's episode where Homer walks out of Star Wars saying 'who would have thought that Darth Vader was Luke Skywalker's father?' Anyway I won't repeat what he said but it made me intrigued. I got stuck into the booked and completely sucked in. I then was obsessed with reading it so that I could finish it & watch the movie with Nick so we could discuss it. This book is the highlight of everything I have read in the last month (I've finished 6 novels) & I don't think anything else I read this year will surpass it (surprise me 2015!). If you have time, then please read this book before seeing the movie. The book is a far more richer experience.

Spoiler alert!
I'm not going to discuss exactly what happened in the novel but I don't think that I can even vaguely discuss the book without giving something away.

DIY Valentines

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

 photo valentines-DIY_zpstnfil20c.jpg
Here is a little round-up of all the cute Valentines ideas I have found on the world wide web this year:

1. This DIY heart stamp is really adorable - the blog link is to a cute blog in Istanbul. The photos of the how-to speak for themselves.

2. The heart balloons make this Valentines over on Oh Happy Day. The tatty valentine comes in a runner up for my second favourite.

3. Naughts and Crosses biscuits look like so much fun.

4. Sparkly heart stirrers - I have no idea when it would be necessary to make/use these, I really wish there would be that kind of event that would make it necessary!

As for us? This Valentines I'll be making these biscuits with Lulu & Nick. Do you celebrate Valentines Day? If you do, what will you be doing to celebrate Valentines this year? I love the idea of having a Galentines party ala Lesley Knope from Parks and Rec. Then you could make the sparkly heart stirrers! Yes! Am glad we have come across an event that we need sparkly heart stirrers for!

You can check out last years Valentines ideas HERE and even more Valentines ideas HERE

Beach Time

Thursday, February 5, 2015

 photo beach-time_zpsr5d9pvf9.jpg
Although it seems like we just went on holidays, we were actually only away for the time that my work forces us to take off over Christmas/New Years and so the rest of our holiday is happening now. We are heading to Apollo Bay for a few weeks, with a friend's wedding in Lorne this weekend.  I am so glad we were in Alice Springs for the wonderful January rain & unseasonably cool weather, but after a rough start to the year, it will be great to head to the bay & spend some time in the sunshine & rain - because Apollo Bay always offers both! Then we can hit reset on this year upon our return & celebrate Lulu's 3rd birthday in style. There will be a few posts popping up on here while I'm away, so please check in xx

We need flowers

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

 photo Flowers_zpsxhjodmzu.jpg
The other morning Lulu and I were sitting on the porch waving good bye to Nick as he left much earlier for work than we needed to. Lulu turned to me and asked 'mum, can we go to the shops' and I replied 'no, we don't need to buy anything' and she answered back 'but we doooo'. I asked 'what do we need?' and she replied 'I can flowers for you and you can buy flowers for me'. Too cute! Take home message - you always need flowers. 
 photo Flowers3_zpsw2riiiyb.jpg
photo 1
photo 2

Link Love

Saturday, January 31, 2015

 photo coffee_zpsom53blbx.jpg

This was my first week working full-time since we moved to Canada. Luckily the public holiday on Monday helped cushion the blow! The week has been mercifully short and now that we are staring at the weekend, I'm looking forward to some baking, some swimming and a little bit of hanging out with Lulu. What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Catching my eye on the interwebs this week...

The Queen giving the late Saudi King a feminist lesson
This hilarious birth plan
This adorable iPad wallpaper
I am excited to hear that the new Ghostbusters movie will have an all female cast! Though disgusted to read the comments of one of the former ghostbusters who is skeptical that women could be funny & hopes that if they can't make it funny then they should make it sexy - ugh!

Things I love - Masini & Chern

Friday, January 30, 2015

 photo Things-I-love-from-Masini-amp-Chern_zpsa498fa82.jpg

I came across Masini & Chern late last year and am IN LOVE with their pjs. The fabric is so soft and delightful. The prints are grown up. The banana leaf is probably the most gimmicky and it still feels grown up. Nick surprised me with a set for Christmas and as mentioned, I love them. Masini & Chern - Sleep Chic, Wake Sweet!
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